“and for those who have everything but want to buy something a bit more special”

Sometimes when you look at art, in any format/medium, you just say ‘no, I don’t like it, not even for a penny’;

then you see something else and think ‘actually if I had the money I would’…..

Well when I saw this I thought the latter!

Look carefully at the whole sculpture; it’s not that obvious from the photos.

A spectacular sculpture of a life-size horse, with Arabian attributes.‘Summus Unus’ (We are One) by Florian Junge is created out of reclaimed and galvanized steel – some components even being stirrups and horseshoes.

It is currently on display at the Conrad Pezula Hotel, Knysna, South Africa.

Florian Junge is a self-taught sculptor who predominantly works with reclaimed steel and is renowned for his life-size horse sculpture. His artworks are in a number of international collections.

He explains, “this sculpture is about synergy between horse and man. A high, internal and unspoken communication. To depict this, man has almost melted into the horse (as opposed to riding it and trying to dominate) looking in the same direction, both are part of the same flow.” Summus Unus captures ‘that something” which not only horse lovers experience in life. One of the reasons why it is so valuable to have such a sculpture in our midst is that it is universal in its appeal. In this artwork every viewer has access to ‘the Freedom we all desire” but don’t necessarily have. This is the perfect equestrian sculpture for an elegant lifestyle and for sale via iAfricaGallery. It can be placed internally or externally and if required the base and colour could be altered to suit the location. We would be happy to send you any additional information and images.”