Swallows are undoubtedly amongst the most endearing of British breeding birds and are regarded as the bringers of good luck. They are not resident, escaping to warmer climes to over-winter, but substantial numbers arrive in Britain in the spring to breed. Unfortunately, over the last 20 years numbers have declined and one of the factors affecting this is the reduction of suitable nesting sites due to loss of old farm buildings and new buildings taking over appropriate or previous nesting sites. So why not do your bit and create additional nesting sites to give one of our favourite birds a new home to bring up their brood.

003 Swallows nesting iStock-686928492.jpg

If you have any garages or outbuildings for the birds to make their own nests but they are closed off make a small opening, H:50mm x W:70mm, under the eaves or leave a window or door permanently open from April – September and make a nest platform where you would like them to nest, preferably high up, out of reach of cats. There are several companies who manufacture swallow nest boxes one of which is Ark Wildlife Freephone: 0800 085 4865 Their Swallow Bowl Nest Box priced at £13.95 and is constructed in WoodStone for extra-long life. With permanent mounting on a wooden frame, it will not fall in dry weather, smooth walls or from vibration. Being self-contained and ready for use, swallows can occupy the nests immediately on return from their winter stay in Africa and will normally readily adopt open bowl type nest boxes when suitably sited. Happy House building!