Equus felt it appropriate to outline what we are doing at the company to combat any contamination from COVID-19 and what you should do as vendors and viewers.

None of the Equus team have travelled overseas for over six months.

None of the team are currently showing symptoms or had any common colds or flu like viruses now or during the 2019/20 winter.

Should we do so we would cancel any appointments with vendors / applicants and we ask that if you do (have symptoms of a common cold or otherwise) please inform Equus and we will arrange for another date and time to meet or view the property.

We carry hand wash/sanitiser bottles with us and wash our hands on a regular basis during the day.

We do not shake hands with anyone at present and deter from being too close to clients as well as family and friends for all the reasons highlighted by central government medical advisors, so please don’t take any offence.

Equus had the foresight over four years ago to have made a heavy investment in our technology infrastructure which now gives us the ability to operate all our business systems and processes remotely with no interruption to normal service levels. This remains the case even if a member/s of the team should contract the virus we can continue to service our properties and buyers.

So, we remain very much open for business; we will follow Government guidelines whilst continueing to market our properties, speak to vendors and applicants in the normal manner and hope that you do not come into contact with the virus.