A few snippets;

  1. PD Rights (Permitted Development) have been made permanent. The government changed the rules a year or so ago to allow development on our properties easier to extend etc and it (the Right without full planning) was due to expire this September (2019). I understand that the Rights have been made permanent. Please make sure that you always consult the Local Authority you reside in before embarking on ANY project and also our advice is to consult a Planning Consultant. This link may also help.



  1. Carrying on with the theme of PD Rights; this came out of the Labour Party Conference; Jeremy Corbyn plans to rescind the Permitted Development rights as he thinks it has created a load of properties which are uninhabitable! ‘Changes to permitted development laws in England had led to the creation of “slum housing and rabbit hutch flats”, according to the Labour Party’.

They really should do their homework! PD Rights have benefited the majority by allowing families to extend their properties to suit their growing family/needs.

  1. The property industry has said that the chance of any Government changing Stamp Duty (SDLT) in the near future is almost NIL. Some buyers have stopped their sales because they think Boris will change the SDLT in the next few weeks or prior to any election (whenever that might be) in their favour.

Methinks he has a few other issues on his plate at present.

  1. The annual number of property transactions edged down slightly according to the figures released applying to August. However, buyers and sellers remain relatively active despite the current Brexit uncertainty. There were 99,890 residential deals in August, down 0.9 per cent from last year but rising 15.8 per cent compared with the previous month according to HM Revenue & Customs.

This reflects what most of us (Agents) already knew but transactions and stock as a whole have dropped in the last 4 years!

  1. It’s bizarre but true (apparently). London’s golf courses could provide the land for homes that could house a million people. An interesting debate on housing and infrastructure website CityMetric suggests that in Greater London there are 131 courses covering almost 20 square miles in total. Over a larger area, within the M25 boundary, there are 189 courses covering almost 30 square miles, and accounting for over three per cent of the total land. The information has come from a site reader and CityMetric’s editor, John Elledge, admits the statistics are unverified - however, they throw up an interesting possibility of golf courses being used to help solve part of the capital’s housing shortage. Elledge calculates that even adhering to minimum space rules there would be room for homes that could accommodate a million London residents using no land other than that currently taken up by golf courses.

Don’t think that will happen....

  1. Most popular UK Dog breed 2019 according to the BBC survey (Sarah Cox Radio 2) – Staffordshire Bull Terrier first, Cockapoo second and last year’s winner Labrador is now third.

World’s most popular dog breed remains the Labrador Retriever – apparently.