Most of the Equestrian Properties for sale with Equus Property have good sized gardens as well as grazing land;

Irrespective of whether you’re ‘green fingered’ or not, one thing that is important when you are selling a property is to have a tidy mown lawn as first impressions always count!

If you already have a decent lawn, it will need some repair work to recover from the harsh winter months and prepare it for the spring / summer months ahead.

APRIL – this is when your lawn needs attention sooner rather than later.

  1.  Mow fortnightly, more if the grass is romping away. Only ever reduce the length by a third to avoid scalping the lawn. Gradually lower the cutting height from 1.5in (4cm) to half an inch (1cm).
  2.  Rake out moss and uproot weeds. If they defeat the hands-on approach, scatter a chemical killer with fertiliser mixed in. Reseed bald patches to deter fresh invasions.
  3.  Level dents with half an inch of 50:50 topsoil and horticultural sand. Allow the grass to grow through it for a month before repeating, if necessary.
  4.  Neaten lawn margins.
  5.  When the danger of frost is over is the time to apply a high-nitrogen fertiliser to your lawn to give it a boost for the start of the growing season. If you have not already given your lawn a feed in March, you can feed your lawn now and give it another feed in 6 weeks to give it an extra boost before summer.

 APRIL onwards - Save water

  1.  At peak periods, gardens use around 70 per cent of household water consumption. Hosepipe bans are already in force or threatened in much of the country. So recycle every drop you can.
  2.  Keep a bucket by taps and showers to catch water while running it to heat up.
  3.  Make sure you have a string of water butts on every downpipe and linked to greenhouse guttering.
  4.  Grey water is garden-safe except on things eaten raw. Collect separately and use quickly or it’ll stink. Flush away dishwasher water (too salty) and diluted bleach and disinfectant.