Simples- Always a Yes!

Invest some time and money into what is probably your most valuable asset (other than your horse) Your Property.

When you have scrolled through pages and pages of hotel rooms and narrowed your search down to a handful, you have probably arrived at your choices for a simple reason


  • Not because you find appeal on a well-proportioned rectangular room with a bed and a window, no!
  • Because you have fallen for the sumptuous bedding and opulent décor, and you can imagine staying there for a relaxing holiday.
  • Property is pretty much the same, so apply this thought when you’re planning for your property to go on the market.

Which leads us nicely to the brochure…

So, let’s just pause for thought here…

Many of us will admire the layout and pleasing photographs in our favourite magazine which have drawn us in to make the purchase.  So once again let us apply that theory to our property’s brochure.

This valuable gem is showcasing our most valued asset and a photographer (Agent with more than A Box Brownie) must do it justice.

Take a moment here to rattle through memories of photos in brochures you have seen in the past. Ah, yes you are now recalling images of the Famous “Loo Seat UP” striking a pose!

An angle of a room that is more resembling of an abstract the infamous bathroom shot where you can see the photographer’s reflection in the mirror, and the list goes on.

Well, all these images are quickly pieced together to make up a pretty negative image of that property as a whole, which doesn’t not give you a flutter of excitement and a strong desire to stop what you are doing and call the agent to arrange a viewing. And it should!

So, you must Dress your property to impress and choose your Agent wisely.  The whole package is important.


Don’t neglect the curb-appeal of your land and stables.

To most equestrians this is the most important part of the purchase, it must me immaculate!


The fact that you have grown accustomed to any imperfections, such as bits of bailer twine holding fencing together, pallets patching holes in stables, plus a plethora of other genius “Hacks” you have cobbled together to “FIX” things, it isn’t going to give your potential buyer a warm fuzzy glow.

What it actually does is highlight and blow out of proportion all the things that need attention causing their brains to go into override and add several £’s onto the price of getting things replaced and adding negative thoughts towards your property (or for some the opportunity to use this as leverage against you to offer a lower price)

By this point they are filled with fear, by actually having to find someone suitable to do the job, especially if they are no DIY enthusiast.

And maybe by this point you have lost the sale!

So, let’s break things down_ so you can sleep at night and not cause yourself unnecessary nightmares.

De-clutter all areas, even hidden corners.


Weeds! especially yellow poisonous variety making your field look like a Ragwort and Dock bouquet must go. The paddocks need to look like a clean blank, ready to use area, not a toxic zone. Remember a clean paddock will also look larger, vital if you have small paddocks.

1RAGWORT 1.jpg

Remember, people are stressed enough moving, even more so with their horses in tow.

So, they will want a clean safe environment for them from day one. After all they are buying an equestrian home for their beloved equine family.


Banish your clever “Fixing” hacks, replace broken fencing and gates, give your wood work a lick of paint for that “I’m in great condition” look.



If you have a wooden stable yard that is now a mere memory of its former glory and resembles a chewed carcass that may well fall down if your horst breaks wind, it needs attention.

Investing in repairs and painting them oh and a few shiny new chew strips will pay dividends.


And don’t forget to dress them with maybe some potted plants for the final wow factor.

THE ARENA or Manege as we still like to call it pre-Brexit..

This is a huge investment and a bug selling point, so make sure it looks a million dollars!

Out with the milk crates and buckets which have served as faithful jumps, out with the trip hazard membrane which you have skilfully avoided for 20 years.

In with the wow factor.  Empty the arena, pull up the weeds displays decorating the corners, in with the harrow to create aesthetically pleasing lines, banish the outside track which has in fact turned into the outside trench.

Again, freshen up fences with a lick of paint, replace broken fencing where you horse reversed into them some years back.

Add fresh new markers stickers, paint some jumps and a set a small strategically placed course to emphasis space and workability.

Your arena will now look Olympic and inspire a happy hacker into in to schooling.



A necessary evil.  If possible, get it removed, if not create a masterpiece to be proud of. If you have an unrefined area, add definition with a boundary wall. Remember keep the rows level and tidy, works to perfection no matter the size. Make it look like you spirit level it!

It will gain everyone’s admiration, I promise.

So buy now  you have got the picture, there are so many things to think of and if this is all a bit too overwhelming and even if getting started is not going to happen let Jane Randall take on the task so you can focus on the other things (of which there are many) and reduce your stress levels!

Now, you can give yourself a pat on the back and lap up the wonderful feedback from viewers!



Article by Jane Randall – Jane is an Associate of Equus who advises clients on all the above mentioned and has been doing it for some years. She has horses of her own and has bought and sold many a property for herself and clients, so if you would like her to pay a visit to your property and give you some advice please call the Equus Head Office for a referral.